• Spend three and a half days with today's brightest industry heroes, October 13th - 16th in Palm Desert, CA.

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Over 40,000 mortgage professionals have counted on the Sales Mastery event to give them powerful truths and reliable strategies to gain an edge in the marketplace and live an abundant life in the process.


Desert Springs - JW Marriott Resort & Spa



- Darren Hardy –

- Ed –

- Todd –

- Julie –

- Steve –

- Hajir –

- Brian –

- J.J. –

- Denise –

- Christy –

- Preston –

- Mark –

- Lynn –

- Wally –

"I had an amazing month last month - 31 units totaling 10 million in production all while transitioning to a new company. Thank you for the encouragement and providing the necessary tools - I really look forward to seeing you at Sales Mastery!"

- Jeremy –

"Before Sales Mastery 2011 I didn’t believe it was possible to triple my volume but here I am, two years later, and I’ve gone from 110 fundings a year to 356 fundings a year in 24-months. You have changed mine and my family’s life for generations!"

- Cody –

"Determination - Sales Mastery is a Premier event for the Premier people in our industry. We all are capable of taking the ball to the 5 yard line. But what Sales Mastery has taught me, that without having inspiration and accountability, like Sales Mastery, to help you improve yourself in all aspects of your life, very few of us can go the extra 5 yards for the touchdown. Sales Mastery 2015 is already on my calendar."

- Cody –

"Thank you for the opportunity! I was amazed and humbled at all the positive comments in the halls, at dinner, and on Saturday. It was my first Sales Mastery and I have to tell you that it was one of the best learning experiences I've seen for an attendee. Everyone walked out with a strategic plan for attacking the 4th Quarter and 2012! Some probably re-established a life plan. Powerful. When you had them stand up and asked if they could make an extra $5000/mo. from the lessons of the 1st 2 days and every one stood up and then you suggested how about $10,000/mo. from the ideas, they all remained standing! That's $8.43 MM to the economy of the attendees. You gave over $10 MM in value in 2.5 days. Kudos, my friend. Looking forward to future endeavors with you."

- Michael –

"I can not express how completely Sales Mastery has affected my outlook, vision, strategy and ultimately my life. As a first timer, I guarantee this event will be on my calendar every year from now on. The number of tangible and visionary ideas that I walked away with is staggering. I have reduced my bullet list of ideas and potential business building strategies down to a mere 3 pages. The struggle will be culling this list of ideas down to 2 or 3 of the best to implement first, THIS week/month. Best of all, it was great to see, meet and interact with so many top producing LO's. If nothing else-- it tells me I can reach my vision. If others can do it in these exciting times, I surely can and will. Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you in March at Sales Mastery Boot Camp."

- Tom –

"I attended Sales Mastery last year in which it has helped me get my business back in order. It is what helped me get motivated to be the top producer and get qualified for Presidents Club at Service First. It has helped me get back to the numbers I have posted back in the hay day of the mortgage industry. Not only do you get great ideas from top producers throughout the country, but you also get to talk to your peers on what things are working for them. I always say that you must invest in yourself constantly to stay on top of your field. It has always paid off for me and I bet it will payoff for you. I look forwarded to seeing everybody this October at Sales Mastery. Don't be the one scratching your head searching for business ideas. I promise you will come away with great ideas to increase your loan volume as well as streamline your business."

- Tom –

"Sales Mastery was amazing! So many great speakers, so many great concepts, so many great stories! I am stoked!"

- Tu –

"We sent 50 Loan Officers to Sales Mastery. In the four months that followed, these loan officers outperformed the other 750 loan officers by 9 fold."

- Mark –

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